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Twist N Fresh Set | Tupperware Singapore


Twist N Fresh Set

$128.00 $175.20

The Twist N Fresh Set allows you to conveniently store and transport a variety of foods while maintaining their freshness. Thanks to its locking mechanism, you can easily separate hot and cold foods without worrying about them mixing together.

  • Twist N Snack (4) 720ml
  • Twist N Snack (2) 1.25L

  • The Twist N Fresh Set features a liquid tight seal, effectively preserving its contents.
  • The Twist N Fresh Set includes a stacking and locking mechanism, allowing for effortless transportation.
  • The handle of the Twist N Fresh Set is designed for comfort and easy carrying, even when full. It accommodates both small and large containers.

  • 720ml
  • L 11.1 W  11.1 H 12.4 cm

  • 1.25L
  • L 11.2 W  11.2 H 18.4 cm

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