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Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

It's the time of the year again to show our appreciation to the ones who spent time teaching our children. It's always a headache to think about what to get for the teachers. Back in the old days, we gave them red pens and home made cards. Nowadays, with everything going electronic, it is harder than ever to get a practical gift for anyone, including the teachers. 

Having operated as a Tupperware official distributor for several years now, we noticed an increasing trend of giving teachers Tupperware products. As a vendors@gov registered government vendor, we recently closed an order for a primary school located in the west. The principal had ordered Tupperware bottles for its teachers. This make perfect sense as a teacher spends his or her time speaking non-stop class after class.  A reliable, good quality water bottle is the natural choice. 

Here are some bottles to consider that will not break the bank. Most of these bottles come in a set of 2 so remember to divide the price by 2 to get the cost of gift per teacher:


// ]]>This comes in a set of 7 so $32.90 / 7 = $4.70 per tumbler!
Want to give something bigger? Here are more gift ideas to consider: