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Tupperware Membership

Traditionally, Tupperware membership applications have to be done in-person. However, as of 15 February 2018, you can now sign up online here!

Tupperware Membership Online Application Form

You need to be 18 and above and either a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. Instant membership approval!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Tupperware?

Unlike traditional “MLM”, Tupperware’s business model is not a scam. Our parents have used Tupperware products for over 20 years in Singapore and there is always a need for household products we can all trust. You are not asked to sell dubious products such as “magnetic mattresses”, ‘negative ion bracelets” and such. You sell real physical useful Tupperware products. There are no monthly fees, no monthly mandatory “autoship” products, no “quota” to chase if you just want to earn the basic 25% retail profit from your sales.You can start with as low as a S$20* one-time.

What are the requirements?

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Purchase a starter kit or pay $20* for the membership

So I just need to pay $20?

Yes. However, within the next 30 days, you will have to purchase $107 worth of Tupperware products of your choice under your membership in order to confirm your membership. 

Who gets the $20?

Tupperware HQ does. TUP.SG does not keep a single cent of the membership fee. Your credit card is charged directly by the HQ.

Can I walk in to the HQ to sign up?

No, sign up has to be done online here:

Tupperware Membership Online Application Form

If you face difficulties, we will be glad to help you.Just WhatsApp 9024 2048. 

What's the difference between a member and a consultant?

No difference. Generally, people who join so that they can buy Tupperware products for themselves at a discount will identify themselves as members. Those who are actively selling Tupperware to earn money are called "Consultants". 

Okay, I am interested. How do I start?

Sign up Tupperware membership here!

WhatsApp us at +65 9024 2048 if you have questions!

Can I sign up online?

Yes! In fact, by end February 2018, you can ONLY sign up online!

Sign up Tupperware membership here!

Am I considered employed by Tupperware?

No, you are considered an independent consultant.