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Refund Policy

As a general rule of thumb, goods sold are not refundable. However, some exceptions may apply. 

For orders that have been shipped, we will allow a refund if:

  • we have shipped you a wrong product and you have returned it to us
  • we have shipped you a defective product and we have assessed that the product was defective prior to shipping.
  • the product was damaged in transit and a successful claim against the delivery company was filed


For orders that have not been shipped, we may issue a refund upon your request if:

  • We have not committed your order with our supplier and that you agree to bear the transaction costs incurred (depending on the payment mode)
  • The product(s) is/are backordered or sold out

Refunds will be in store credit unless otherwise agreed.

For warranty related issues, please note that these are handled directly by Tupperware and the process to file a warranty claim is detailed in the following link:

Tupperware Warranty (Singapore)