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Rectangular Water Dispenser (8.7L) - Pink


Rectangular Water Dispenser (8.7L) - Pink

$55.20 $73.60

  • 8.7 liter capacity is ideal for a family's consumption or for outdoor activities
  • Air and liquid-tight seal keeps water clean, safe and free from contamination
  • Back grip provides a steady hold when pouring
  • Side grips allow for easy handling, especially when container is full and needs to be lifted
  • Vent cap prevents "vacuum effect" when dispensing water, allowing air to enter for a steady flow of liquid
  • Leak-proof translucent window allows you to see when contents is low
  • Comes with a tap for easy opening and closing. It can be detached for easy cleaning
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Water Dispenser (8.7 Liters)

Tap is not covered by Lifetime warranty

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