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Tupperware One Touch Series Replacement Lids - Assorted


One Touch Series Replacement Lids - Assorted


Replacement Lids for Tupperware One Touch series

Keep your Tupperware One Touch series containers leak-proof with genuine replacement lids. Compatible with your existing containers for a secure, tight-fit and made of durable material for long-lasting use. Get back to enjoying your meals with easy-to-use, hassle-free One Touch series replacement lids.

Compatibility List

  • One Touch Junior Lid
    • 2707 - OT Topper Jr
    • 2422/3819/7139 -OT Canister Jr
    • 2514 - OT Bowl 500ml
    • 2513 - OT Bowl 750ml
    • 886 - Servalier Bowl
  • One Touch Small Lid
    • 2708 - OT Topper Small
    • 2420 - OT Canister Small
  • One Touch Canister Medium Lid
    • 2709 - OT Topper Medium
    • 2418 - OT Canister Medium
  • One Touch Large Lid
    • 2710 - OT Topper Large
    • 2416 - OT Canister Large

Colours - please take note!

Please note that colours are NOT guaranteed. Replacement parts are produced along side current/recent series of the relevant products and may not be in the same colour as your current product's colour or preferred colour. 

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