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SuperSonic™ Chopper


SuperSonic™ Chopper


SuperSonic™ Chopper

SKU: 11157503

Chop faster in less time. Reduce your chopping time, and prepare ingredients faster with the SuperSonic Chopper.
  • SuperSonic Chopper (1) 300ml

  • Gets the job done in a few pulls. Pull more for smaller cuts.
  • Easy to Close - Just align top and bottom.
  • Smart Fast Bladez - chops food quickly
  • Strong Pull Cord - chops faster with fewer pulls.
  • Easy to Open - with a simple push button and arrows.
  • Easy to Clean - with just a few parts.

  • 300ml
  • D 10.8 H 9.1 cm
  • Length with Handle 11.4cm

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