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FreezerMate Large II (1) 3.1L with Tray | Tupperware Singapore


FreezerMate Large II (1) 3.1L with Tray

$27.90 $41.20

FreezerMate Large II with Tray

Best way to freeze in freshness! Enjoy meat or seafood that's as fresh as the day you bought it from the market by packing it into a FreezerMate and popping it into the freezer.


  • FreezerMate Large II (1) 3.1L
  • Tray (1)
  • Divider (2)

  • Food in the freezer must be protected from freezer burn which can dehydrate it. FreezerMate is suitable for temperatures down to -20 degrees Celcius. The material is particularly flexible, a very important characteristic as frozen food tends to expand.
  • Clear windows allow fast and easy identification.
  • Rounded corners and recessed bottoms allow air to circulate through and around stacked containers, allowing fast freezing.
  • Dividers can be adjusted vertically or horizontally for different food storage

  • Extra tray layer for more food storage

  • 3.1L
  • Freezer Capacity ± 3.1 L
  • Non-Freezer Capacity  ± 3.3 L
  • L 30.3 W 22.7 H 7.6 cm

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