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Chill-Freez Medium Set with Gift Box - Pink | Tupperware Singapore


Chill-Freez Medium Set - Pink

$79.90 $125.00

Chill-Freez Medium Set with Gift Box - Pink

SKU: 11147532

 Enjoy max freshness frozen or chilled. Be it fridge or freezer, lock in freshness with our space-saving, modular, duo-function Chill-Freez.

  • 4 x Chill-Freez Medium Low 1.0L
  • 4 x Chill-Freez Medium High 2.5L
  • 1 x Gift Box

  • Duo-function: Specially designed material to be suitable to be frozen in freezer, or chilled in fridge
  • Compact design, stackable to fit into any fridge or freezer
  • Ergonomic – easy to grip and handle

  • Chill-Freez Medium Low 1.0L
    22.7 W 15.7 H 6.1 cm
  • Chill-Freez Medium High 2.5L
    22.7 W 15.7 H 11.8 cm

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