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Request for Application Form

In the event that you are unable to meet at a mutually convenient date and time, you may request for the application form to be mailed to you. A refundable deposit of $2.50 is required as we have received many prank requests. This deposit will be refunded to you upon receiving your completed form. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you scan and email the form to me?
At this point in time, Tupperware HQ still requires applications to be made via original physical application form with original signature. We will update this section when the policy changes.
Why are you collecting a deposit?
We do not earn a profit from the recruitment process. Yet, we receive many fake/prank requests where we have spent time and money sending the forms but there was no response when we tried to follow up with the requesters. Serious applicants need not worry because we will refund the deposit upon receiving your completed application form.
How soon must I return the completed form?
You have 60 days to mail back the completed application form with a copy of your NRIC to be eligible for a refund. This time limit is in place because we cannot leave a case open indefinitely. Should you require more time, please do let us know in advance.