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Nano Nature Water Filtration System


Nano Nature Water Filtration System


Nano Nature Water Filtration System filters, purifies and enhances your water with beneficial minerals. Using the breakthrough Nano Technology in its Nano-Ceram wrap, this 3-stage filtration gives you quality water that is the basis of good health. Not just for drinking, you can use it for washing, rinsing, soaking or cooking as the NanoNature filtered water will enhance the process, making it a must-have in every home!

Nano Nature Water Filtration System过滤和净化食水,并在水中添加有益矿物质,以优化水质。这款滤水机采用了纳米科技的另一项突破性巨献,即Nano-Ceram褶皱滤膜,加上三重过滤系统,带给您最优质的食水,打造健康的基础。除了饮用,过滤后的食水更可以用来洗涤、浸泡或烹饪,效果更佳。所以,NanoNature Water Filtration System是家家户户生活必备的好帮手!


• Experiments are conducted using NanoNature Filtered Water and normal tap water.
* 以上实验皆以NanoNature过滤水和普通自来水进行。
• Results of experiments may vary depending on the water source.
* 实验结果因水源不同而有所差异。



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of maintenance is needed?
Theres only the need to change the filter cartridge once every year or at 5,000 litres, whichever comes first. And for optimum benefits, to replace the Enhancement Tank once every 6 months.

Is regular servicing required?
The unit is self-contained, with very few parts. As long as cartridges are changed on a timely basis, as indicated by the LED panel, none will be required.

How long will the battery last?
The battery is tested to last the life of the cartridge which is a year. Battery should be changed together with the filter cartridge to avoid battery drain-out in the midst of next filter life span.

Is there a warranty and for how long?
Warranty period is for 1 year commencing from the date of purchase from a Tupperware Brands Business Center.

Are parts readily available?
Yes, most of the filter parts are available for sale.

Does it fi t with all types of faucets?
It fits with the most common faucets, but not those with any form of a square spout.


Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filtration System 需要如何保养?



Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filtration System 有保用期吗?保用期多长?
保用期从客户向 Tupperware Brands 业务中心购买日算起,为期一年。



* Should an installation fail due to incompatible faucet, you have the option to abort installation ($30 transportation charge levied by installer) or opt to replace your faucet at a cost determined with the installer

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