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 Nano Nature Cartridge Pack | Tupperware Singapore


Nano Nature Cartridge Pack


Nano Nature Cartridge Pack

SKU: W080

Nano Nature Enhancement Tank

  • Effectively removes 99.99% Bacteria, particles, sediment and rust.
  • The main benefit of the Pleated Nano Nature Filter is its unusually strong bioadhesivity.
  • Particles including bacteria are easily attracted to the alumnia fibers, sticking to the filter as water passed through, leaving a bacteria free water on the other side.
  • Unlike loose, granulated carbon filter, Nano Nature *Water Filter uses a high-density activated carbon block to effectively remove VOCs, chlorine, odor and waterborne parasites.

Nano Nature Pleated Filter Cartridge

  • Bakuhan-Seki is a rare mineral-rich volcanic rock from the Gifu prefecture of Japan, renowned for its therapeutic properties, certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a medicinal mineral.
  • After running through 2 stages of purification, water is fed through the Bakuhan Enhancement Tank, enhancing it with many beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
  • The pH level of the water is also increased, making it more alkaline which helps to balance the pH level in our body.
  • Contains 19 beneficial minerals and increases the pH level water, giving you and your family nutrient-rich, healthy water.

Set consists of:

1 x Nano Nature Pleated Filter Cartridge
2 x Enhancement Tank


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