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Easylogics Grater


Easylogics Grater



  • Grater 
  • Extra Coarse Blade
  • Zester Blade
  • Coarse Blade

Zester Blade
The Zester Blade gets its flavor from citrus and grates chocolate and Parmesan cheese into powder.
• Grate chocolate and sprinkle over beverages like hot chocolate, Cappuccinos, Irish coffee or milkshakes.
Grated chocolate or nuts can also be used to decorate desserts, cakes and biscuits.
• Create finely grated cheese for pizza, lasagna, potato gratin or toasted snacks.
• Grate crumbs for breading, toppings or baby food.

Coarse Blade
The Coarse Blade finely grates and features a long pattern. It’s the best Blade for hard vegetables and fruits like carrots, zucchini and potatoes.
• Prepare fresh, delicious and attractive salads with grated carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, beets and turnips.
• Prepare vegetable burgers with grated carrots, zucchini and potatoes.
• The Coarse Blade creates long cheese strands for pizzas, toasted snacks and omelets.
• Decorate desserts, add cake flavor or create marinades and wok dishes with long ginger, lemon or orange-peel strands.

Extra Coarse Blade
The Extra Coarse Blade grates hard fruits, vegetables, chocolate and hard cheeses in wide and thin layers. This Blade’s teeth are positioned and designed to securely guide the hands to the middle of the frame instead of sliding to the sides while grating.
• Decorate delectable dishes with wide cheese flakes or savory snacks with toppings.
• Create and decorate delicious desserts and cakes with chocolate flakes.
• Bake roasted potatoes with grated potatoes.
• Grate cabbage for marinating or steaming.

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