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DHA Colostrum+Vit D Chews (1) 60 tablets


DHA Colostrum+Vit D Chews (1) 60 tablets


Growing up healthy is every child's right, and every parent's desire. When children are healthy and strong both mentally and physically, they are better able to face life's challenges, and live life to the fullest!

Give your child the right nutrients to let him grow up healthy, strong and smart. Colostrum - Nature's Immune Enhancer Colostrum helps to fight against illnesses. It has antibodies that strengthen our body's defense with its high concentration of: Growth Factors (TGF and others), Immune Factors (antibodies such as IgG), and Nutrients (Proteins, Vitamins, and others). Vitamin D3 - Prevents Thin, Brittle Bones by helping the body to absorb calcium and promote optimum bone growth. DHA - Essential Brain Building Block DHA plays a significant role in brain development, especially during the brain growth spurt period, before the age of 3. Children with optimal intake of DHA have been shown to have better memory and focus, and speedier brain processing - which is important for academic performance.

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